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Year-Round Basketball Conditioning Workouts

Below you will find complete basketball conditioning workouts for the off-season and pre-season. We will also briefly touch on in-season training as well.

These basketball conditioning programs cover everything from strength and cardio training to agility drills and plyometrics.

For injury prevention, remember to always warm-up and stretch before you perform the training regiment outlined below.

Also, try and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

While these programs will improve your performance on the basketball court, it's also important that you continue to play basketball whenever possible. Actually playing the game is the best form of training.

Off-Season Basketball Conditioning Program

basketball playerBesides developing your basketball skills, the main focus of your off-season training should be resistance training and developing explosive power via plyometrics.

The focus of an effective off-season basketball conditioning program includes:
  • Resistance Training 
  • Plyometrics
  • Aerobics 
Off-Season Aerobics
Frequency: 3 days per week
Duration: 15 - 45 mins per session (depending on intensity)
Intensity: 70% - 90% of age predicted maximal heart rate (Men = 220 - your age; Women = 226 - your age)
Exercises: Swimming, cycling (anything that is low impact on your knees)

Off-Season Plyometrics
Goal: Develop your speed, quickness and vertical leap
Frequency: 1 to 3 times per week 
Rest Duration: 50 secs - 100 secs
Intensity: 100% effort

Off-Season Resistance Training

Pre-Season Basketball Conditioning Workouts

Once you hit the pre-season you should decrease the aerobics session to once a week and the resistance training to twice a week (maintenance phase). 

The focus of an effective pre-season conditioning program includes:
  • Anaerobic Conditioning (interval training and sprints) 
  • Sport-specific Conditioning (agility drills and plyometrics) 
  • Playing Basketball (play as much as possible) 

Pre-Season Anaerobic Conditioning
Frequency: 1 - 3 days per week
Workout Duration: 20 - 30 mins
Work Duration: 45 secs
Rest Duration: 135 secs to 180 secs (1:3 to 1:4 work to rest ratio)
Intensity: 100%
Exercise Choices: Suicide lines, jumping rope, stationary bike, track sprints

Pre-Season Sport-Specific Conditioning (Agility & Plyometrics)

Pre-Season Agility Drills
Goal: Develop your speed, quickness and balance on the basketball court
Frequency: 2 days per week 
Workout Duration: 25 mins
Set Duration: 20 secs
Rest Duration: 60 - 80 secs (try to stick to a 1:4 work to rest ratio)
Intensity: 100% effort
Comments: These drills are to be performed on the basketball court. The best agility drills are done with cones. The letter drills below, the T-Drill and U-Drill for example, describe the placement of the cones. Feel free to make up your own letter drills, as long as you think the movements mimic movements you would experience in a basketball game. 

Pre-Season Basketball Agility Program
Exercises Work Time Rest Time Sets
20 secs 80 secs 3
M-Drill 20 secs 80 secs 3
T-Drill 20 secs 80 secs 3
Lateral Speed Lunges 20 secs 80 secs 3
Quick Feet  20 secs 80 secs 3

Pre-Season Plyometrics
Goal: Maintain the power gains developed from off-season plyometric training
Frequency: 1 - 3 days per week 
Rest Duration: 50 secs - 100 secs
Intensity: 100% effort

In-Season Basketball Conditioning 

During the season, your coaches will put you through intense basketball practices and training that will be enough to maintain the aerobic, anaerobic, plyometric and agility base developed during the off- and pre-season.

Players should continue to perform resistance training routines twice-a-week for maintenance.

Players not getting much playing time should do some aerobic and anaerobic work after the basketball games to stay in "game shape".

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