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I have learned firsthand the massive difference proper nutrition and supplementation can make in your quest for lean muscle mass and the speed in which you achieve results.

I started lifting weights consistently and seriously in college, at the age of 20 (I'm now 30). During my nine years in school, I really didn't focus much energy into proper bodybuilding nutrition, I was too busy studying and working! The only thing I was really diligent about was consuming my protein every two to three hours. I was totally clueless as to how important proper nutrition was for achieving a nice muscular ripped body. My thinking was: carbs (don't want to get fat), water (it will make me full), vegetables (vegetables are for rabbits), fruit (if some are lying around I'll eat them) etcetera. Like I said I was clueless!

I was on what I would call the "Protein-Cereal Diet" haha. Because I was so busy, it wasn't uncommon for me to have three, sometimes four, protein shakes a day with cereal or something else just to fill me up a little bit. I gained an average of 2.5 lbs a year on the "Protein-Cereal Diet". If you factor in a combined total of two year absence from lifting weights during random times during those years due to injuries and surgeries, it equates to about 3 lbs a year. This is nothing spectacular but I was happy with my look. What I wasn't happy about was how long it took to see results.

The Six Months That Changed My Body Forever (and For The Better)

Due to tendinitis and a really bad wrist injury (dirt biking accident), I was unable to lift any moderate or heavy weights for six months. During this time off, I decided to learn about injury prevention and bodybuilding nutrition. I read a lot of books and articles, and had a lot of talks with my father, who is a medical doctor. During this time, I learned a lot about the human body and what it takes to gain muscle.

 After six months, my tendinitis was gone and my wrist healed enough, 80%, to start lifting heavier again. I was eager to put my new knowledge to the test. The results absolutely shocked me! In one month, I gained the 5 pounds that I had lost from the layoff and gained an additional 5 pounds!! Remember, I average 2.5 lbs a year! I couldn't believe it! These amazing gains were a result of changes in my training (see Building Muscle 101 for more info), but mostly changes in my diet and supplementation.

Here is a list of some of the changes I made in my diet that help me gain a tremendous amount of mass very quickly:
  • I drastically increased my carbohydrate and caloric intake (and to my amazement didn't gain any fat)
  • supplementation stack (mass gainer, multi-vitamin, glutamine, BCAA's, vitamin C, fish oil)
  • post recovery drink with glutamine
  • sleep 20 mins to one hour after each workout
  • eat vegetables
  • drink tons of water (your muscles are in a catabolic state during dehydration!)
To learn why these changes will help you get big and how to implement these changes into your diet and workout ritual, have a look at the articles below. New articles will be added regularly...

Bodybuilding Nutrition Articles

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