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This section contains a wide variety of bodybuilding workouts that you can use to keep your body guessing and to ensure continuous muscle growth.

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1. Keep It Fresh: Workout Variables 
2. How To Create Completely New Workout Routines
3. Beginner Bodybuilding Workout
4. Intermediate Bodybuilding Workouts
5. Advanced Bodybuilding Workouts

You may find it useful to bookmark this page for easy reference. We recommend that you come back to this section every two to eight weeks to find a new workout. Regardless if you use these routines or create your own, be sure to cycle your workouts every two to eight weeks.

If the concept of cycling your workout programs frequently is new to you, it will be beneficial for you to read the article Change Your Workout Routines Regularly? 

If you need more information on the nutritional aspects of bodybuilding visit our Bodybuilding Nutrition page.

New bodybuilding routines will be added regularly to this section of the website. Over the long-term you will have tried many different routines and it will be time for you to start developing your own routines. I want to give you some variables you can change in your routines to keep your workouts fresh and your body guessing.


Keep It Fresh: Workout Variables  

To keep your workout programs fresh all you need to do is just change one of the following variables in your current workout:
  • workout length 
  • resting period in between sets
  • repetitions (reps)
  • number of sets per exercise, Boand/or workout
  • order of exercises
  • choice of exercises
  • poundage of weights
  • number of workout days per week

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How To Create Completely New Workout Routines

  • hire a personal trainer (they'll likely have myriad of new exercises and routines for you)
  • train with a partner and let him/her dictate the workout
  • develop a new routine that consists exercises you've never done before
  • buy a book full of bodybuilding routines, close your eyes and select one
  • try other forms of training such as plyometrics, power training, etc. (you'll find a lot of these in this website)

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Beginner Bodybuilding Workout 

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Intermediate Bodybuilding Workouts  

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Advanced Bodybuilding Workouts

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