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Welcome to the muscle building section of this website. In this section you will find easy-to-read articles that explains the theory and science behind gaining lean muscle mass.

To build lean muscle as quickly as possible it's very important to understand how your body works and why certain supplements/nutrients help build muscle and why others don't. Let me give you a quick example from my own personal experience. In sharing this with you I hope you will learn from my mistake and use this knowledge to get results faster and quicker than if you didn't read this.

When creatine monohydrate first came out everyone was raving about it. It was extremely obvious that people where gaining size and weight from this supplement. So I did some very preliminary research on the internet just to make sure I believed the claims, and also to make sure that the supplement wouldn't kill me. After I was satisfied that it was safe, I decided to give it a shot. In the first month of taking creatine monohydrate I gained 8 pounds. Obviously I was delighted; however, after two months the gains had stopped. So by the third month I stopped taking creatine and I lost all the weight and my muscles got soft (water loss). I was sooo upset and came to the conclusion that creatine monohydrate was a complete scam. A few years later I had a conversation with a buddy of mine who looks like the Incredible Hulk and is extremely intelligent (like Einstein intelligent). He explained to me how creatine worked in the body and why it will help anyone develop more lean muscle over the long-term. If I would have known this earlier than I never would have stopped taking it, and would be like be more stronger and bigger as a result. Heck, I learned that creatine even has a multitude of health benefits outside of bodybuilding, such as lowering your cholesterol levels by as much as 15%!

The moral of the story is don't be ignorant, you results will suffer. 

So with that being said, here is a sample of the information you will find in this section:
  • what actually causes muscles to get bigger
  • how to manipulate the training variables (rep, sets, rest between sets, training frequency etc.) to optimize your muscle gains
  • lessons I've learned while trying to gain lean muscle mass 
  • and much more (sounds cheesy I know)
This section discusses bodybuilding theory, if you want to learn about the nutritional aspects of muscle building go to Bodybuilding Nutrition. For bodybuilding workouts, go to Bodybuilding Workouts Section.

Bicep PoseBodybuilding Articles

Why You Should Always Change Your Workout Routines
If you have not already read this article, I suggest that you read this article first before any other. The concept discussed in this article is what inspired me to start this website! By understanding one very simple concept, you can prevent delays in your quest for muscle and increase the chances of achieving your bodybuilding goals.

How to Build Muscle
This article explains what causes muscle to grow, and how to manipulate the training variables to achieve that growth. As a base for comparison, this article explains training differences between bodybuilders and powerlifters.

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