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Losing Weight 101

To lose weight you need to...expend more calories than you consume

There are three things you can do simultaneously (for best results) to achieve this, I call it the 3 Keys of the Weight Loss Formula:

Key #1 - Consume Less Calories
(this doesn't mean eating less, but eating smarter)

Changing your eating habits is absolutely crucial if you're going to succeed in shedding the bodyfat and becoming healthy.

The Weight Loss Diet & Nutrition section will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do in order to master nutritional aspect of the weight loss formula.

Key #2 - Expend/Burn More Calories (through cardiovascular exercise)

For maximum results, you need to constantly change your cardiovascular activities. For fresh ideas for your next cardio session, visit the Weight Loss Plans section for a wide variety of fat melting cardio workouts. 
Key #3 - Increase Your Metabolic Rate (the rate as which your body burns calories)

The first two keys alone will get you amazing results, but if you want MAXIMUM results, you need to incorporate weight training into your fitness regiment. Weight training increases your metabolism (your fat burning furnace). Increasing your metabolic rate means increases the amount of calories your body needs in order to maintain itself.

Weight training increase your lean muscle mass. Lean muscle requires a lot of calories to maintain itself. For weight lifting routines, go to the bodybuilding workouts section of the website. Ladies don't need to worry about bulking up with these workouts because their hormones are different than mens. Women have higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels than men, which makes it very difficult for women to "bulk up" with resistance training. 

If want to more theortetical know-how on how to lose weight, see the articles below...

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