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Welcome to the wellness, health and fitness section of this site. This section is devoted to creating a better, happier, healthier you. It's all about feeling good, looking good, and enjoying life. I believe that nothing is more important than your physical, mental and spiritual health. After all, if you don't have your health, what do you have? Nothing. You can't enjoy life to the fullest if your sick.

Wellness, health and fitness is composed of many elements, each playing an important role in your overall well-being.

These are the important elements that will be addressed in this section:

1. Nutrition & Diet
2. Lifestyle
3. Stress Management
4. Sleep
5. Exercise
6. Disease Prevention and Cures
7. Mental and Emotional Well-Being
8. Happiness

Wellness Fitness And Health

Fitness, health and wellness related articles will be added regularly, including articles on yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques and so on. You may want to bookmark this page.

Wellness, Health And Fitness Articles

Yoga MeditationHealthy Eating Explained
This eye-opening article explains what it means to truly eat healthy. You will get answers to important questions like:

1. Why do some people get sick while others in the same environment don't? How do they do it? What's their secret?
2. What's the secret to being illness and disease free?
3. How do you know which foods are "healthy" and which aren't?
4. And many more...

This new way of eating will recharge your energy levels, health and can help you lose unwanted body fat at the same time.

Healthy Foods For Disease Prevention, Energy & Staying Trim
The most healthiest foods for your physical health, mind, energy and waist line. Learn how to distinguish healthy foods from unhealthy foods.

Acid Alkaline Diet Plan
Dramatically improve your health, physical appearance and energy levels with this alkaline diet plan. You will learn exactly what to eat and drink and when. Alkaline diets are known to help prevent and even cure illness and diseases.

Alkaline Foods List
Large list of foods and beverages along with their corresponding pH levels. This chart will help you make the right food choices when following an alkaline diet.

**Very Important** - Drinking Water Benefits For Optimal Health
Drinking lots of high quality water is the single most important thing you can for your wellness, health and fitness. Did you know that drinking 8-10 glasses of high quality water can DRAMATICALLY reduce your chances of most cancers and other illnesses? Read this article to find out more.

The Miraculous Glutamine Health Benefits
Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for recovering from illness, diseases, injuries, trauma and more. Glutamine has shown to dramatically increase the production of important immune cells and antioxidants. Learn of all the benefits of glutamine, as well as the recommended dosages.

BMI Calculator For Females And Males
Use the BMI calculator to find out if your considered healthy for your weight along with suggestions on how you can improve your situation.

BMI Chart
See visually ranges for what's considered underweight, normal, overweight and obese for your height in pounds or kilograms.

100% Free Calorie Counter
Get the nutritional contents for over 10,000 foods, beverages and ingredients! Know exactly what you're putting in your mouth without having to go out and buy a calorie counter book! Get the calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals information for almost any food or beverage you can think of.

Take Charge of Your Health With The Low GI Diet
The low Glycemic Index diet will lower your chances of diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Read this article to learn more.

Lists of Low Glycemic Foods
A low glycemic index diet will boost your overall wellness, health and fitness. Eating low glycemic foods and carbohydrates is especially important if you have diabetes. Overall, your body will become leaner, your heart healthier and your inner confidence higher. Efficiently and easily create your low glycemic index meals with these low glycemic index foods lists. There are 9 lists of low glycemic foods categorized by food type (e.g., Diary, Fruits, Beverages etc.) for easy retrieval.

What is Cholesterol?

Understand cholesterol so that you can improve your health and prevent heart disease.

10 Studies on How Vitamin D Can Save Your Life
This is the most important article on the website! Read the significant findings of these vitamin D studies, and learn why vitamin D supplementation is essential.

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